With your help, my pledge campaign was a great success and I have now booked the studio time to get this record made! I can't thank you enough for your support and belief in this project.  The campaign site will still be live until the project is complete, so if you were still considering becoming a part of the fun, you can make your pledge at any time on the Campaign Site

There are still some great one-of-a-kind exclusives like handwritten lyrics, personalized songs, and pledger-only posters and t-shirts.  You can also pre-order the record and have it before anyone else!  

Additional funds will still help me offset the cost of the recording process, and will help me bring in even more of Baltimore's finest music makers. 

And best of all, every pledger will now have access to exclusive updates as the project unfolds.  As a pledger, you will feel intimately involved in the process from the comfort of your browser.  

Come on over and visit the Campaign Site - Your home base for the new record!

And a million more thanks for your help in getting me there.



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